Devastated Family Bury 7 Children & An Adult After A Car Crash On New Year's Eve | "We Lost Them All At Once"

Devastated Family Bury 7 Children & An Adult After A Car Crash On New Year's Eve | "We Lost Them All At Once"

The car was 'fully engulfed in flames' after the tragic incident. None of the people involved in the accident could be saved.

It is hard enough to deal with the death of a close loved one, but to bid farewell to several family members at the same time is devastatingly painful. This unimaginable situation became the harsh reality for a California family. The tragic incident unfolded on New Year's Eve when seven children along with an adult identified as Gabriela Verdin passed away in an accident. A 2013 Dodge Journey driven by 28-year-old Daniel Luna had collided with the family's 2007 Ford F-150 pickup truck that Gabriela was driving. Regrettably, all members of the family were killed in the fatal collision. Even Daniel lost his life. 

According to the California Highway Patrol, the accident occurred after Daniel veered onto the dirt shoulder while traveling southbound on the highway. While returning to the highway, Luna overcorrected and swerved over the centerline, crashing onto the vehicle that had the eight family members on board. The impact resulted in the car being "fully engulfed in flames." Thus, none of the people involved in the accident could be saved. 



PEOPLE reports that police are still investigating the matter and are trying to determine if the involvement of alcohol or drugs led to the accident. Officers noted that Gabriela's vehicle only had six available seat belts while there were 8 people traveling in the car at the time of the accident. Warning everyone of the increased risks of injuries Captain Kevin Clays of the California Highway Patrol said that traveling without a seatbelt has a "far greater" risk of sustaining severe wounds or even death.

"It's tragic for the community. It’s tragic for our officers that respond to these incidents," Clays expressed his condolences, according to the New York Times. It is hard to imagine the mental ordeal that the Verdin family had to suffer after learning the distressing news. One can only imagine the pain that they might have undergone. A GoFundMe account was soon created by Reyna Verdin to cover the expenses of the funeral services so the family could mourn their loss without having the added burden of financial responsibilities. 



"On January 1, 2021, our families (Verdin, Pulido, and Ayala) lost eight members in a tragic accident. Gabriela Verdin, Brooke Pulido, Giada Pulido, Jonah Pulido, Mia Pulido, Daniella Ayala, Camila Ayala, and Anthony Ayala were taken from us while returning home, read the page. Gaby and the kids were full of life and had so much future ahead of them...While we cannot begin to understand the reason we lost them all at once, we are burdened with the reality of having to lay eight family members to rest at one time.  

We take solace in knowing that they left this world together. We humbly request any help you can provide the family with memorial costs to allow them to focus their time on grieving. We appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers from everyone in the community; we know that Gaby and all the kids were loved and we hope to honor that memory forever", it continued. 



"Gabriela Verdin is survived by her parents Juventino and Olivia Verdin, her brother Saul and his family (Reyna, Matias, and Evelyn) and her sister Karina Verdin who lost three of her own children in this tragedy. The Pulido children are survived by their father Juan Pulido and several Pulido uncles and cousins. The Ayala children are survived by their mother Karina Verdin, their father Johnny Ayala, and two additional siblings: Damien and Oliver Ayala. At this time Damien has been hospitalized at Valley Children’s due to cardiac surgery and had been missing his siblings dearly", concluded the post.

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