7 Signs Your Partner Is "The One" And Why You Shouldn't Let Go Of Them

7 Signs Your Partner Is "The One" And Why You Shouldn't Let Go Of Them

It's not easy to find a person who is just right for you. But if he's doing these things, then hold on to them because you've found him.

Getting into a relationship isn't the easiest. Not only do you have to be able to gauge the chemistry you share with the other person, but you're also constantly getting everyone else's opinion on them. But you still make the effort and soon enough, if it is worthwhile, the relationship becomes long-term. However, even if you've been with your significant other for a long time, others might have something to say about it and even though you might not want it to, you end up allowing it to influence you. While sometimes your loved ones and friends can be right, they can be wrong too and the confusion can eat you up. At one point, you may even ask yourself "Is my partner really the one even after all this time together and are they worth all this effort?"

Well, there's a way to get a straightforward answer to that question. And it lies in the small things that he does. Because when he does these seven things, it means that he's really in it for the long haul.

1. He supports your choices while being honest with you about his opinions

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He is your rock and you know that no matter what the world throws at you, he'll be in your corner. His support of your choices isn't blindly given though and you appreciate it because if he did it just for your sake, it would mean he doesn't believe in your abilities or intelligence. You love when he is honest, sometimes brutally so, because his opinions, even if they clash with yours, help you see a new perspective on your decisions. 

2. He respects who you are as a person and doesn't want to change you

He doesn't just dismiss you or the things that make up your personality. No matter how wacky your traits might be, he loves you for it and doesn't look to change that. He might ask for a compromise on certain things but he knows you'll be reasonable. After all, he doesn't want to change the things that made him fall in love with you in the first place. 

3. He "listens" to you instead of just hearing you

You know his love and care is genuine when he listens to your issues, your joys, your anger, and essentially every one of your emotions. He wants to know what happens in your life so that he can ease some of the stress and pressure you face. The more he listens, the more he takes an interest in helping you and then you know you can trust him to be there for you. He knows your emotions are valid and wants you to feel safe enough to express them. 

4. He shares the responsibilities of the house

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He doesn't just pawn off all the chores in the house to you. Of course, you're capable enough of handling errands day in and day out as well as the chores. But who doesn't want to just take a break for a while and that is what he makes sure you get - a break. Whether it's going to the store to get groceries or washing the dishes, he does it because he wants you to relax and take a breather for yourself.  

5. He makes the effort to cheer you up when you feel low

Coming home after a long, exhausting day is stressful enough. You don't need to be having a fight with your partner, especially when your anger may be misplaced. But you know he's the right one for you when you don't have to worry about him being offended because he gets the struggles you're going through. If anything, he tries to coax a smile out of you to make you feel better... and it does just that. 

6. He doesn't shut you out when you both fight

Arguments are bound to happen and both of you might need a time out. However, he sticks around and opens up to you about the way he's feeling. He ensures that both of you have a say and that a solution does come of it. It's his way of letting you know that you are important to him and that he feels comfortable sharing his emotions with you. Neither of you wants to go to bed angry and when he doesn't shut you out or bottle up his own emotions, making up becomes a lot easier. 

7. He takes the time to make you feel special and loved

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After years of being together, the passion can have a way of fading as the two of you slip into a comfortable routine. But what you love about him is his impromptu dates, the breakfast in bed, the effort to spice up your love life, and all the other little things that make you feel as giddy about him as when you two first met. While you are okay with a routine, it's these things that remind you that he genuinely loves you, quirks and all. 

A lot of the time, these moments can be so small, you might miss them. But they are sure-fire ways to know that he is truly the one for you. 

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